Improving the legal user experience.

Legal counsel have the hard task of conveying complex legal information to the company. We believe visuals can help to communicate effectively about legal complexity.

Clear contracting

Agreements are often unnecessarily complex and hard to digest. The layout of the document is rarely carefully thought out. We specialize in making clear and unambiguous agreements. We use infographics to make crucial commercial provisions crystal clear.

Track record

We assist legal teams with visualizing legal documents for internal and external use. We have done projects related to corporate governance, GDPR, commercial contracts and HR. 

“Making complex matter comprehensible”

‘Thanks to legal design we make complex matter comprehensible. They show again and again that a contract does not have to be boring. By moving away from the current practices, legal agreements become more understandable. That is the ultimate goal: understanding each other and writing that down as simple as possible.’

Hans Maltha Burst Digital


Lawyer & designer

Lawyer & designer

Lawyer & designer


Ravenna Buijs 

Graphic designer

Dielis Delen

Information designer

Some of our clients

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