Litigation during COVID-19: visuals for the win

Some of our clients litigate over video conferencing platforms due to COVID-19 measures. The dynamics of a virtual hearing are rather different compared to presence in a physical courtroom. How to successfully present your arguments through a computer screen? 

Rather than filing another pile of paperwork for the judge to study, this is an opportunity to stand out. In a recent case before the Dutch specialized patent courts in The Hague, together with our client, we translated the most challenging and important aspects of the case in a set of visuals. Result: a clear, attractive brief where text and visuals supported each other.

Result: we maximized the chance that the judges would fully understand and follow the arguments and ask the right questions during the virtual hearing. And therefore rule the case in our client’s favor. Our client noticed a much more lively and relevant debate during the virtual hearing.

Our client won the case.

About Us

We are lawyers and legal designers

We support lawyers to litigate effectively. Our infographics are used to effectively communicate about technical or legal complexity before the courts. Our visuals are used in court proceedings (first instance and appeal) and arbitrations. and many more.  

How we work

Our team consists of experienced lawyers and designers. Together with the litigation team (and their client) we agree on a legal design strategy. On that basis we start designing visuals that can be implemented in the written submissions or pleading notes.and many more.  


Lawyer & designer

Lawyer & designer

Lawyer & designer


Ravenna Buijs 

Graphic designer

Dielis Delen

Information designer

Legal design award 2019 & 2020

We won the Gouden Zandloper Award for best Legal Design & Infographic.

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