Maurits Fornier

Lawyer & designer

Maurits aims to bring visual clarity to legal complexity. His visuals are used to effectively explain technical or legal problems to the court.

Maurits is seen as a front-runner in the field of legal design. He regularly teaches on the subject.

Sera Visser

Lawyer & designer

Sera started her career in 2012 with the corporate team of Freshfields in Amsterdam. She advised clients in the field of M&A and corporate litigation.

Nowadays she specialises in legal design. She helps clients solve legal problems, both in the litigation and transaction work. Her clients include law firms, start-ups and multinationals.
+31 6 57 04 69 35

Savannah Koomen

Lawyer & designer

Savannah is a lawyer and legal designer. She is specialised in corporate and privacy law. 

To help clients communicate complex legal matters, she uses design principles to create convincing visuals.  Her visuals are used by law firms, start-ups and multinationals.

Ben Hoekstra

Legal UX designer

Ben’s missions is to improve the user experience of legal documents and contracts.
+31 6 48 47 21 97

Joost van Asseldonk


Joost is doing his masters in art history and Dutch law. In his sparetime he is a professional portrait painter. At Patroon Legal Design he combines his artistic talent with the law.

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